Oil Free Acne Wash

Controls acne flare up

XAF 5,500


Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle for a plump up face lift

XAF 12,000

Neutrogena hydroboost

Moisturizer with hyaluronic Acid and sunscreen SPF 50

XAF 11,500

Cerave Hydrating Sunscreen

Hydrating sunscreen for face and body.

XAF 12,000


Daily multi vitamin support for the immune system, brain, heart health, skin, hair, nails etc

XAF 8,500


Helps boost desire, enhance arousal and improve sexual satisfaction for women.

XAF 10,500

Appetite Suppressant

Suppresses your appetite and reduces the amount of calories intake ensuring weight loss

XAF 6,000

Nair Hair Remover

Hair Remover cream for both male and female. Leg, Body, underarm and Genitalia. No pain, No bumps. C

XAF 2,500

Knight Wood

Knightwood enhances libido and sex drive. it supports the growth of the penis, both in girth and len

XAF 7,000

Migraine Relief

Help Relief the most severe form of headache 15mins after ingested. Complete relief of migraine in 1

XAF 1,000


The world's number one rated all natural prostate "super pill" featuring an exclusive source of Beta

XAF 40,000

GNC Men's Prostate Formular

GNC Men's Prostate Formula Dietary Supplement features premium ingredients known to support normal p

XAF 7,000

Prenatal DHA

Pregnancy Supplements With Nutrients For Mum & Baby Including Folic Acid & Vit D. Expert Nutrition f

XAF 6,000


Melatonin Sleep Support medication helps regulate sleep and wake cycles and may support more restfu

XAF 8,500


Vigarex is a medical strength Male Enhancement formula that has been formulated to enhance male viri

XAF 8,500


Molasses or black treacle is a viscous substance resulting from refining sugarcane or sugar beets in

XAF 8,000

CREST mouthwash

Crest mouthwashes give you a healthy smile, with specialized solutions tailored to your needs. Choos

XAF 8,000

Diabetes Health Pack

Nature Made Diabetes Health Pack is scientifically formulated to provide essential nutrients that ma

XAF 30,000

Hemovir ( Cream and Tablets) Hemorrhoids

Approved Science Hemovir - Hemorrhoid Support Supplement - 45 Capsules - Stops Itching and Optimizes

XAF 30,500

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleancer

CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser was designed to cleanse and refresh the skin without over-stripping it or

XAF 10,000